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Dr. Balasa Prasad featured in

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July 1999

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Are you stressed out, drowning in worries, trapped by anxieties or consumed by unhealthy habits and addictions? If you are looking for the solution to free yourself and fortify your future then this is the moment, The Turning Point.  Embrace this highly effective new program that will enable you to take the countermeasures to eliminate stress, worries, phobias, anxieties, unhealthy habits and addictions forever.

The Turning Point Program consists of easy to follow steps and principles to help you Naturize yourself or become one with nature. Naturization provides a third perspective, nature’s perspective, a key and an invaluable tool to conquer stress, phobias, addictions and unhealthy lifestyle habits. The Turning Point Program is designed to underscore the fundamental differences between an emotional driven mindset as opposed to an instinctual driven mindset. When you operate from an emotional mindset you will be a slave to your habits and stressed all the time. However if you operate from an instinctual mindset you will be able to enjoy a free and productive life.

The Turning Point Program guides you to design a sensible strategy to become a smart savvy operator and forge a way to change your life forever. The road to Naturization is the crux of the Turning Point Program which is exclusively discussed in the book “The Turning Point: Conquering Stress with Courage Clarity and Confidence,” and available as a video course at titled “Conquer Your Stress. Don’t Manage it! This program can protect children from stress by guiding parents and caregivers.

If you are unable to vanquish stress, phobias, addictions and unhealthy lifestyle habits by following the guidelines established by the Turning Point Program, then the Turning Point Treatment can offer additional help to jump start your efforts. The Turning Point Treatment is performed in a comfortable office setting during which the doctor will review your strategy, identify the pitfalls and make proper revisions. In addition, you may need some help to execute the revised strategy because you had failed in your previous attempts to overpower stress and unhealthy habits and addictions. A failed attempt raises your anxiety levels and thereby perpetuates the problem. This leads to a lack of confidence which in turn impedes your ability to succeed.

With the assistance of a small dose of a hypnotic agent like Brevital Sodium or Sodium Pentothal, the Turning Point Treatment will lower your anxieties, boost your confidence and inner courage and open your instinctual pathways. This enables you to execute the revised and sensible strategy and reach your intended goals. Usually it takes one treatment to break the cycle and two or more treatments to reinforce the positive results to enjoy the new found freedom. If an individual is committed to the task, the Turning Point Treatment is an invaluable tool in your fight against stress, phobias, addictions and unhealthy lifestyles. The Turning Point Treatment is not available for young children but could be used for mature adolescents and young adults.

"A highly personal and insightful account of new approaches to conceptualizing stress and its reduction. This book will be of interest to both general readers and professionals focused on stress disorders."

Fred R Volkmar, M.D. - Irving B. Harris Professor

Director - Child Study Center, Yale University School of Medicine,

Chief of Child Psychiatry Yale New Haven Hospital

"Dr. Prasad makes a strong case not just for managing stress but for banishing it altogether from your life. I agree completely that any stress is bad stress, no matter what the headlines tell you.  This new book will show you that the stress-free life is indeed possible."

Robert Epstein, Ph.D., former editor-in-chief, Psychology Today

author of “The Big Book of Stress Relief Games”

“Dr. Prasad, one of the country’s most successful and original addiction specialists has now offered us a road map for kicking stress.”

Steve Kroft - 60 minutes CBS News correspondent

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